Grenville, by Andrew J. Hale-Byrne

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Andrew J. Hale-Byrne

Andrew Hale-Byrne tells the bizarre story of how an elitist cult on Cape Cod, founded by two self-proclaimed holy women, managed to infiltrate and take over a preppy Anglican boarding school in Ontario, Canada with an international student body. This happened with patronage from the highest levels in Canada's government, political class, and business community, and in some cases included their active participation in covering up abuse. What followed were many years of institutional abuse -- psychological, physical and sexual -- of the children under the protective camouflage of Anglicanism. Andrew tells the history of the abuse victims and how he exposed the school, the cult and the Ontario establishment.

The upper-crust cult on Cape Cod was a “who’s who” list of the cream of society, including a Rockefeller heiress, a Chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a Chairman of Arthur Young. It is a look inside the peculiar world of a cult at the apex of American and Canadian societies. Due to Andrew's exposé the victims of abuse have been re-victimized by retaliation launched by the defendants and the corrupt Anglican hierarchy. Death threats have not intimidated Andrew from his mission and the fight for justice continues in the courts.

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